December 2019
Rebecca Van Camp is exactly the type of real estate agent you want to work with when moving to a new area.

There are plenty of people selling homes around here, but what sets Rebecca and her team apart is their huge wealth of knowledge.  From the first meeting we had with Rebecca and Rachel, I was so impressed with how much they knew about the towns, how well they listened to what our family wanted and needed, and how they were always available to answer our questions. And believe me, we had plenty of questions!  You know when you ask someone a question, and not only do you get a complete and thorough answer, but you also get additional information that you never thought to ask but REALLY needed to know? That’s how Rebecca works!  And that is SO important when you’re doing something and huge as moving your family to a whole new state.

Not only that, but once we found a home we wanted to buy, Rebecca was so fast and efficient. She knows how quickly good homes get scooped up in this market, and she wasted no time at all in making sure we got our offer in right away.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further.
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