Bailing To Boise is a “Relocation Resource” group on Facebook created in 2017 for those of you hoping to make the Treasure Valley (Boise and surrounding areas) your home (even if it’s years away or a simply a dream you’re hoping will come true).

Rebecca’s success in relocation can be highly attributed to her own personal experience with a move to Boise, Idaho from Cincinnati, Ohio in 1998, and even more powerful as the founder of this group “BTB ~ a Relocation Resource” to assist others in truly discovering what life is like in the Treasure Valley. She wanted to create something that she wished had been available to her in her move so many years ago.  

This is an amazing and growing community of caring people who are either in the process of considering a relocation or those who have been through the process and are happy to share details of their experience and/or answer questions.  

* If you are interesting in joining this group, please be sure to answer the three easy entry questions and note the information below (**). 

**This group is limited to those “outside” of other real estate professionals and lending professionals & no solicitations of any kind.** If you become either an agent or a lender “after joining the group”, kindly leave the group or understand that you will be removed (with no hard feelings, we trust) in order to keep this policy in place.